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The Heart of a Salvatrucha
Born in East Los Angeles, a scared teenager gets herself deported and becomes involved with Central American gangs. Robberies, rapes and murders by gang members in cahoots with USA authorities project a different look upon our immigration problems. Friendship versus money, freedom and drugs, greed against survival. Is illegal immigration a crime or just civil disobedience?
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Pariah’s among us
A stranger in her own country, molested as a child, raised in secretive Muslin communities, Ragina immigrates to America where she struggles to find her true self, woman, wife, Christian, Muslim? A series of events drag her through three continents, earthquakes, terrorists, and slums neighborhoods before she finds herself strapped to a bomb in the middle of a hospital in New York City. When you aren’t sure of what you are, will your inner self let you know?
Never Forgotten
Two adolescents unable to forget their first love, two men growing up as legends in different worlds, one is a terrorist, the other a US spy. Bombs, terrorism, immigration, family crisis. After a series of cat and dogs encounters in Israel, Greece, England and Jordan, their lives touch again during the havoc of the greatest catastrophe of our generation, nine-eleven (9/11/2001)
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